Nannying Services

We are more than just your usual babysitter. Professional Nannies offer services such as planned activities with resources provided, assist families in achieving age appropriate developmental goals, sleep routine assistance, household management, meal preparation, safe transport to extra-curricular activities andso much more. With particular focus on play based learning, encouraging a sense of wellbeing through nutrition and active outdoor play.

Families are also included in our Community Inclusion Partnership Program, where children get to take part in activities surrounding awareness of the world around us. These include Superhero Week in support of Bear Cottage, Water Safety activities for Kids Alive, Sun Safety in partnership with the Cancer Council and National/International celebrations such as Mothers/Fathers Day and International Families Day.

A Nanny becomes part of the family while maintaining their professional work standards. With an active communication diary used between the parents and nanny, everyone can stay up to date on the day’s activities.

Short-term applies to families requiring a nanny for between one to six months

Long-term applies to families requiring a nanny for longer than six months.

Families requiring a temporary or relief nanny for less than one month.