Child Minding

Casual Family Services are available for families requiring Child Minding on a once off or occasional basis. Casual Family Service Fees are set at a reduced rate as our way of supporting families, where you can enjoy a night out without spending your budget before you even leave the house.

This service is suitable for families seeking a professional and reliable carer to mind children aged 0-13years old.

Whether it is just a few hours to yourself during the day, or a night out, our team of Child-Minding Carers are available to support families.

*Minimum booking 3 hours.

Overnight Stays are available for families needing a reliable carer to spend the night in the family home. With a flat rate fee for the overnight stay, our Child-Minding Carers are provided with sleeping arrangements by the family so that they can rest between checking on the children throughout the night. Care can then continue during the following day if needed.

Child Minding services are also available for events such as weddings, corporate functions, parties and more. Contact us to discuss package deals for your Child-Minding at your next event.