Quality Care – The GSN Difference

Quality Care Standards

Giggles and Smiles Nannying aim to provide the highest quality care for our families. whether seen through your nanny’s daily performance or the efficiency of administration, quality care is the solid foundation of Giggles and Smiles Nannying

We only employ a small team of Nannies so that GSN Management can focus on supporting team members in their role ensuring they exceed family expectations providing high quality care in the home environment.

Families can expect Quality Care Standards from the whole GSN Team

Safety Awareness
Efficient Communication
Personalised Programmes
First-Hand Support
Efficient Communication

Ongoing Support

Policies & Procedures

Giggles and Smiles Nannying team members follow our Policies and Procedures, developed following the guidance of the National Quality Framework Regulations set out by ACECQA, the Child Safe Organisation Standards set out by The Office of the Children’s Guardian as well as the Recommended Practice Guides for Nannies set out by the International Nanny Association.

Policies and Procedures are reviewed annually, with GSN Team Members as well as Families encouraged to participate in the reviews.

Oversight & Governance

The Nanny Industry is not yet regulated in Australia, though families should be aware we are still expected to follow certain standards and requirements.

As we are providing care for children, Nannies are Mandatory Reporters and therefor responsible for following Child Safety Practices.

All Nannies must hold a valid Working With Children Check for paid employment. As employers, Giggles and Smiles Nannying are responsible for verifying employees WWCC and reviewing these on a regular basis to ensure only Child Safe workers are providing care for our families. The Office of the Children’s Guardian can provide further information regarding the Working With Children Check.

As members of the International Nanny Association, Giggles and Smiles Nannying are expected to follow the Recommended Practice Standards for Nannies and Business.


Giggles and Smiles Nannying thrives off feedback! We value all forms of feedback, whether positive or negative. Families are encouraged to share any concerns they may have directly with the Giggles and Smiles Nannying Administration Team. This feedback supports our critical reflections and how we can better support our families.