Silentnight Baby Sleep Consultant

Please join us in welcoming our new community partnership. Giggles and Smiles Nannying are very excited to have this connection with a highly sought after Baby Sleep Consultant both in Australia and World Wide.

Get to know Nicole Baker our Silentnight Baby Sleep Consultant:

I am passionate about babies and toddlers developing fantastic sleep patterns that will promote and nurture healthy growth and take them through to their childhood and beyond. Sleep is such a vital element to our everyday life not to mention the healthy growth of our children however is something that is taken for granted or not always easily achieved.

I understand the effects sleep deprivation can have on both the child and parents’ emotional wellbeing and how this impacts everyday life. I also have an understanding of nutrition and the effects foods can have on sleep along with the science behind sleep. By working with the natural biological rhythms we can ensure a child’s emotional needs are being met whilst they are learning how to develop independent sleep skills.

Being a mum of 3 myself, I understand the impact lack of sleep can have to the household but firmly believe that your parenting style should not be compromised in order to improve the sleep of your child. This is why I offer individual and supportive sleep solutions that will suit any parenting style including gentle sleep guidance and would love to help you and your child achieve sleep harmony in a way that feels right to you.

If you would like to have a chat regarding any sleep issues your little one is having, please contact Nicole on 0417 532 402 or

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