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As part of our support for our team members and families please feel free to view our additional resources section. 

View our contact list for emergency and agency connections here. In cases of immediate emergency, please call 000 or 112 for Ambulance, Fire or Police.

View our Friends & Affiliates of GSN for a Directory of service providers and local business partnerships recommended by GSN.

View our Resources for Families for information which families may find beneficial. From guidelines on child car seat safety to healthy lunch box ideas.

View our Resources for Nannies for a collection of factsheets, activity ideas, recipes and resource providers. Access exclusive to GSN Nannies

View our FAQ’s below or contact us with any enquiries

1. Can We claim the childcare rebate?

We are currently working towards becoming Approved In Home Care Providers, when Giggles and Smiles Nannying does become approved, if eligible, your family will be able to claim the Child Care Subsidy rebate.

2. Is there a limit to how long we have to hire the nanny for? e.g. months duration

There is no limit to how long you need to hire a nanny for, however we do suggest that you offer a minimum of 6 months so that there is consistency and commitment for your Nanny. There is however a 4 week notice period when you would like to cease care arrangements.

3. Does GSN employ the Nannies? 

Yes we are not a referral agency, meaning we provide an ongoing service looking after PAYG and insurance for your Nanny.

4. Are there any upfront costs?

There is an annual $50 enrollment fee per family and the once off payment of the selected Administration package chosen. 

5. What is the screening process you undertake before hiring Nannies?

All our Nannies have been interviewed by one of your management team in a face to face or phone interview, candidates will hold current National Police Checks, senior first aid and CPR certificates and have a current Working With Children Check. They have relevant child related experience and /or childcare qualifications with reference checks that have been personally conducted by one of the management team. We pride ourselves in providing quality Nannies to our families and making sure all Nannies will provide our families with peace of mind.

6. Will I get the same Nanny every time I book?

For Nanny Placements we only hire Nannies that are available for the family’s requested days and times, aiming to provide the family with a consistent Nanny every time. For Casual Childminding, you can request a Nanny, we will always contact the requested Nanny and if they are unable to accept the booking, then the booking will be made available to other Casual Child minders that are available for the requested booking day and time.

7. How many children can you have per Nanny?

We have a Maximum limit of 4 Children to one Nanny – GSN at their discretion may request that more than one Nanny is required for reasons of safety and wellbeing of the children. e.g. if the booking if for Four children under the age of 3 years old – this would require a second Nanny. 

8. What is the difference in pricing between Nannies and Casual child-minders?

Please review our Service Fees page (insert link) for the hourly rates. 

9. how long does the recruitment process take?

Each Nanny request is unique according to your location and family requirements. Once your request has been received GSN will contact our screened nannies and will get posted in our Nanny job board. we will then forward potential candidates to the Family for their consideration. This process can take anywhere from 1-2 business days to several weeks depending on the criteria.

10. Can I ask the Nanny to complete additional housekeeping duties? e.g. clothes washing etc

Normally nannies are expected the leave the home as tidy as it was when they arrived, including the children’s bedrooms, living areas and organise the children’s meals (if required). At the time of the intial consultant with the administration team please discuss with them what extra duties you are interested in the Nanny completing.

11. What is the Difference between Nanny Services and Casual Childminding?

Nannying Services are on a frequent basis either weekly or fortnightly. Casual Child-minding is on an occasional basis e.g. once a month or once every two months.

12. What additional services do GSN provide? e.g. Parties

Giggles and Smiles Nannying also provide additional services including hosting children’s birthday parties, School Holiday Programmes, Urgent Care Support and Travel Care. 

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