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Silentnight Baby Sleep Consultant Article: September 2019

16 Sep 19
Silent Night Baby Sleep Consultant - Nicole
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Top 3 tips for your newborn 

A newborn can bring a whirlwind of emotions and, if it is your first baby, a massive change to life as you previously knew it! Here are some tips to help you navigate this new life and create as much ease as possible.

  1. Ensure you are not allowing your little one to become overtired.  It is really important to watch your little one for tired signs and monitor how long they have been awake for.   Babies up to the age of 3 weeks only need approximately 45 minutes awake time.  From 3-6 weeks of age, you are looking at around 1 hour of awake time.  Once babies are 6 weeks old, the awake time increases to 1 hour and 15 minutes. From 9 weeks of age you can start to  implement a routine however awake times are still the most important factor so you would ensure your little one is awake for approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  2. Use a swaddle to help replicate the tight feeling of the womb.  I prefer an arms down swaddle however if your little one has reflux, often an arms up swaddle is more comfortable for them.  Baby wearing is also a really effective way for your little one to feel secure and you can be assured this will not create bad habits doing this in the first 9-12 weeks.
  3. Don’t worry too much about how you are getting your little one to sleep in the first 9-12 weeks.  You are much better off using a pram or car or rocking or feeding your little one to sleep than allowing them to be awake for too long and becoming overtired.  By all means, you can attempt some mattress settling however if your little one is not responding to this, use any method necessary to get them to sleep. 

I hope these tips help to create an enjoyable start to life with your newborn. 

New Support Option Available for Families

I have recently launched a new phone consultation support option to help prepare you for your baby or to offer assistance in the first 12 weeks if you are having difficulty or just need some extra support and reassurance.  This package also includes a Newborn Handbook with essential information regarding sleep, feeding, environment, settling strategies and the use of sleep associations.  

If you would like some support on your parenting journey, feel free to get in touch with me for a chat at silentnightbaby@gmail.com or through my Facebook Page

I have also set up a sleep support group through my Facebook page that I would love for you to come and join: Silentnight Baby Sleep Support Group

or give me a call on 0417 532 402

Nicole xx