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Benefits of Reading with Children

19 Sep 19
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This year to celebrate Australian Reading Hour, we wanted to focus on the benefits of reading with young children, and share some of our top tips. Have a read through our blog below, then maybe go and pick up a book and enjoy some story reading for yourself, or better yet with your children.

Benefits of reading to babies

  • Great opportunity for extra cuddles, strengthening the growing bond with your baby
  • Introduces language and communication skills
  • Reading to babies helps “exercise” their brain
  • Supports the development of children’s vocabulary
  • Is a great “wind down” inclusion for soe quiet time before bed

Benefits of reading with young children

  • Reading supports the development of early literacy skills
  • Reading stories has shown to support children’s brain development particularly cognitive and communication skills
  • Including specific reading time daily encourages children to focus and concentrate
  • Encouraging children to read aloud can support speech and language skills
  • Reading together supports children’s social skills
  • Reading together supports the bond between adult and child

Benefits of encouraging independent reading in children

  • Children learn to value books
  • Children learn about culture, history and the world through reading stories
  • Reading sparks children’s imagination, creativity and curiosity
  • Reading provides an outlet for children, whether they need some quiet time or a positive distraction from any stress they may be experiencing
  • Children learn the difference between “real” and “fantasy” by exposing them to both non-fiction and fiction books
  • Providing children with their own reading area or bookshelf with books just for them also encourages caring for the books

Top tips for reading with children

  • Let your child choose which book to read
  • Engage in the story, by altering your tone of voice and giving life to the words on the page
  • Connect with your child, if they want to turn the pages or tell part of the story, let them! Even if it’s not the same as what’s written in front of them, supporting their independence and creativity
  • Repetition is your friend, even if you’ve read the same story over and over again there’s actually proven benefits to this. Read more on this at The Cultivated Learning Blog
  • Enjoy it! Enjoy the story, enjoy the moment of peace, enjoy the bonding time with your child, enjoy the extra cuddles, simply enjoy the experience

Australian Reading Hour

Australian Reading Hour this year is held on Thursday September 19 2019.

Our chosen quote to reflect on today is by Emilie Buchwald:

“Children are made readers on the laps of their parents”

So take the time today, not just for yourself but for your children and introduce them to world of books, sharing the joy of reading.

Find out more information at www.readinghour.org.au