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Silentnight Baby Sleep Consultant Article: May 2019

17 May 19
Silent Night Baby Sleep Consultant - Nicole
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Awake Times and Naps

There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration in order to help your little one achieve sleep. One of these factors is the amount of sleep pressure they have. This is where awake times come into play. If your little one’s awake times are too short, this will not give them enough sleep pressure to either fall asleep, achieve a long sleep or both. If your little one’s awake times are too long, this will cause them to be overtired and this will affect their ability to join sleep cycles and therefore the ability to achieve restorative consolidated sleep.

Ensuring your little one’s awake times are of an appropriate length is important at any age and, in particular, newborns up to the age of 12 weeks. A newborn that is overtired will often not cope at all and this will not only impact sleep but can also affect all elements including feeding.

The following table provides you with the age appropriate amount of awake times between naps.

Child’s Age Awake Time
12 weeks 1 hour 45 minutes
16 weeks 2 hours
5 months 2 hours 15 minutes
6-7 months 2.5 hours
7-14 months 2.5-4 hours
14-30 months 5-5.5 hours
30 months + 5.5-12 hours

Ensuring your little one is having the right amount of naps is also important as this helps to create the balance between the amount of day sleep and the length of their awake times.

The following table gives you an idea of how many naps you are aiming for based on your little one’s age.

Child’s Age Number of Naps
0-3 months 3-4 naps
3-6/8 months 3 naps
8-14/18 months 2 naps
14/18 months – 2.5/3.5 years 1 nap

 If you are having nap difficulties and would like to discuss some strategies on improving this, please get in touch with me at or through my Facebook Page

or give me a call on 0417 532 402.

Nicole xx

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