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Silentnight Baby Sleep Consultant Article: August 2019

15 Aug 19
Silent Night Baby Sleep Consultant - Nicole
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Cry Based Sleep Training is NOT a Requirement

When people hear the term ‘sleep training’, the first image that may come to mind for a lot of people is that of a little baby lying in a cot being left to cry.  Or a toddler standing in the cot thrashing at the cot bars screaming out for mum or dad. 

Yes this is sleep training.  However that is one way and is quite an outdated practice from my perspective. 

Sleep training can also mean no crying.  Sleep training can also mean some crying but you being there to support your little one the entire time.  Sleep training can mean that you still pick your little one up and comfort them if they are upset.

All of these ways will help lead you to an outcome you are after when it comes to sleep being easier to achieve and does not have to involve your little one being left alone crying at all.

Sleep training actually refers to helping your little one develop the skills to be able to achieve sleep on their own or to be able to link sleep cycles.  This can be achieved in many ways and really can be achieved in a way that is comfortable and feels right for you and your little one. 

Let’s link the words assisting, teaching, guiding, supporting and gentle to the thought of helping your little one with their sleep, and then see how you feel about proceeding down the ‘sleep training’ path.

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